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Georgia Bulldogs Defense: 

Before playing against Georgia, the Tennessee Volunteers scored about 49 points per game, but against Georgia Tennessee only put up 13 points. In Tennessee's first 8 games, they won games by having an incredibly deep passing attack, but against Georgia, that was a non-factor. The longest reception that Tennessee had all game was a reception of 28 yards. This was also the first game of the season where Tennessee had less than 200 yards passing. The Tennessee Volunteers quarterback, Hendon Hooker who is widely regarded as a Heisman Trophy favorite, had only 195 yards and 1 interception, while still passing 33 times. The Georgia front 7 pressured Hendon Hooker a lot, as Georgia had 6 sacks. Since Hendon Hooker was pressured massively, he had to rely on his legs. Hendon Hooker had 18 carries, but the Georgia Bulldogs also had an answer for Hooker on the ground, as he only had 17 rushing yards. Georgia also stopped the Tennessee run game as a whole, as Tennessee had 42 carries for 94 yards as a team, and the longest rush for the Volunteers was only 11 yards.