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  1. San Antonio Spurs: Victor Wembanyama, C, Metropolitans 92 

Victor Wembanyama is a no-brainer selection for the Spurs, as Wembanyama is one of, if not the greatest NBA Draft prospect ever. Wembanyama is an absolute freak of nature, as he has an insane combination of athleticism and NBA readiness. Wembanyama stands at 7 foot-4 inches, with an 8 foot wingspan. Wembanyama’s extreme reach allows him to be an incredible rim protector. Wembanyama also uses his frame to rise up against defenders and hit jump shots from both inside and outside of the arc. Even though Wembanyama can rise up above defenders for jumpers, he still is a streaky shooter. Victor Wembanyama takes large strides, but dribbles the ball like a guard, which makes him almost impossible to guard on the perimeter. Wembanyama is also a good finisher and post player. The main weakness for Wembanyama going into the draft is his lanky frame, which could cause some problems, especially in post defensive, against denser and heavier players. Even though his frame could cause problems, it has not given any issues so far in his basketball career. Wembanyama will immediately be the first-option for the Spurs, as he is very polished, and has a high-floor. In addition to having a high-floor, Wembanyama has the highest-ceiling in the draft, with the potential of being an all time great. 

  1. Charlotte Hornets: Brandon Miller, F, Alabama

The Hornets prefer Brandon Miller over Scoot Henderson, so that is the likely pick at pick 2 for Charlotte. Brandon Miller is a 6 foot 9 forward, with a 6 foot 11 wingspan. Brandon Miller is one of the best three-point shooters in the draft, as he shot 38.4 from beyond the arc, while shooting 7.5 three pointers per game. Miller is a great shooter off the dribble, both inside the arc and outside the arc. Miller is a very versatile defender, as he could guard 1-4. Miller's frame allows him to stick with players one-on-one. Brandon Miller is a great secondary rebounder for a team, as he averaged 8.2 rebounds per game last season. Right now, Brandon Miller cannot be a first-option scorer in the NBA, as he is not a great dribbler, and sometimes could turn the ball over often. The Hornets are a great fit for Miller, as he does not need to be the first scoring option immediately, because they have LaMelo Ball and Terry Roizer. MIller adds some much needed three point scoring, spacing, and defense on the wing to the Hornets. 

  1. Portland Trail Blazers: Scoot Henderson, G, G-League Ignite 

Even though the Trail Blazers do not need another point guard, unless they trade away Damian Lillard, Scoot Henderson is by far the best player available right now, and the Trail Blazers would be foolish to not draft him at pick 3. Scoot Henderson is extremely explosive and shifty, which allows him to beat defenders in one-on-one defense. Henderson is one of the fastest players in the draft, which makes him a huge threat in transition. Scoot Henderson possesses incredible basketball IQ, and he is a great passer. The main issue with Henderson is three point shooting, as he shot 27.5% from 3, last season. Even though he is not a great three point shooter, he is a good mid-range shooter. His combination of elite basketball IQ, shiftness, and mid-range shooting, makes him a real threat in the pick-and-roll. Henderson is a pretty rebounder for a guard, which makes it easy for him to get out in transition. Henderson is a sufficient defender, as his elite speed allows him to guard opposing players. Henderson is too good of a player to pass up here, despite him not being a fit for the Trail Blazers. Chauncey Billups, Joe Cronin, and the rest of Trail Blazers coaching staff and front office should be able to make Henderson a sufficient fit with the Trail Blazers. If the Blazers build around fitting Scoot Henderson in their system, then they could be a true contender in the west, in the years to come, especially if they keep Damian Lillard. 

  1. Houston Rockets: Amen Thompson, G, Overtime Elite

The Houston Rockets desperately need a point guard to run their offense, and Amen Thompson fits that need. Amen Thompson is a great passer, as he has a high basketball IQ. Thompson also has great speed, and is a great rebounder for being a guard. The combination of great speed, rebounding, and high basketball IQ, allows Thompson to lead the fastbreak efficiently. Thompson has an extremely high vertical jump, which makes him a lethal dunker. Thompson also uses his high vertical jump to be an amazing finisher at the rim. Thompson is not a great shooter, but he will not be tasked with shooting the ball from outside very often on the Rockets, as he will be the main facilitator. Thompson does not cut down on turnovers, in order to make the Rockets offense more efficient. The most important thing that Amen Thompson will bring is amazing perimeter defense, as he has great length and versatility. Thompson’s defense will massively fill the Rockets need of defense, which was a glaring hole for the Rockets last season. Amen Thompson can also give the Rockets some needed extra rim protection, as his large vertical allows him to be a great rim protector as a guard. Amen Thompson helps fill many of the needs for the Rockets, which could eventually help the Rockets get over the hump in the future. 

  1. Detroit Pistons: Jarace Walker, F/C, Houston

Jarace Walker is an absolute freak of nature, as he is 6 foot 8, 249 pounds, with a 7 foot 3 wingspan Walker is a great defender, especially as a rim protector, as he has a long wingspan. Walker’s rim protector fills a massive need for the Pistons, as they Pistons were one of the worst teams at defending the rim last season. Walker possesses great physicality on defense, which helps him defend guards. Jarace Walker also uses his physicality to grab rebounds, which helps him be a great rebounder. Walker is a great finisher, with great touch at the rim. Walker is a much improved three point shooting, but he could still improve from beyond the arc. Walker also needs to improve as a mid-range shooter, especially of the pull up. Walker is incredible in the pick-and-roll, as he is a great finisher, with a strong frame to set strong screens. Walker being a massive pick-and-roll threat helps the Pistons mightly, as Cade Cunningham is great in the pick-and-roll, but the Pistons have had no big to sufficiently help Cade Cunningham in the pick-and-roll. By drafting Jarace Walker, the Pistons have one of the most lethal pick-and-roll duos, with Cade Cunningham and Jarace Walker. On the Pistons, Jarace Walker has the opportunity to maintain his role of being the defensive leader, like he was on the Houston Cougars. Walker could also become more comfortable shooting the mid-range on the Pistons. Lastly, Jarace Walker could help Cade Cunningham unlock his full offensive potential, by being a great pick-and-roll complement to Cunningham. 

  1. Orlando Magic: Ausar Thompson, G/F, Overtime Elite 

Ausar Thompson is the reigning back-to-back Overtime Elite MVP. Ausar Thompson is freakishly athletic, with a high vertical and amazing speed. Thompson possesses amazing basketball IQ, and is a great playmaker. Ausar Thompson is a great rebounder. Thompson’s combination of basketball IQ, speed, and rebounding makes him great in transition. Ausar Thomposn is a great finisher, especially above the rim; however Thompson has struggled as a shooter. Thompson is a great wing defender, who can easily stop players in one-on-one defense. Adding Thompson to the Magic gives them some much needed perimeter defense at either guard or forward. Thompson also adds depth on the wing that the Magic have been missing. 

  1. Indiana Pacers: Gradey Dick, G/F, Kansas

Gradey Dick is an incredible volume shooter, especially from beyond the arc, as he shot 40.3% from 3, on 5.7 attempts per game. Dick can space the floor, which is something that the Pacers massively need. Gradey Dick has good height, as he is 6 foot 8, which allows him to pull-up over defenders. Dick fills the Pacers need for wing shooting. Dick is a great cutter and a smart basketball player, which could take pressure off of Tyrese Haliburton. Gradey Dick is not a great defender, as he is skinny. Gradey Dick does not possess elite speed and is not an amazing finisher, so in the NBA, Dick’s most likely role will be as a shooter. Dick does have a good vertical, which could allow him to score in the paint. Dick can shoot off the dribble, and off an on or off ball screen. Dick bolsters the Pacers shooting, by giving them a three point, and midrange threat on the wing.

  1. Washington Wizards: Taylor Hendricks, F, UFC

Taylor Hendricks is a very well balanced player, as he does a lot of different things well on the basketball court. At 6 foot 9, 210 pounds, Hendricks is able to guard every position. Hendricks moves very well on the perimeter, which allows him to guard players who primarily play around the perimeter. Hendricks is also a great rim protector, as he averaged 1.7 blocks per game, which allows him to sufficiently guard bigger players. Hendricks plays with amazing strength and speed, which allows him to score in the paint; however he might struggle scoring in the paint in the NBA, as he is not a great finisher and relies on his athleticism at the rim, which could lead to him being stopped in the paint. Hendricks is a great three point shooter, as he shot 39.4% from beyond the arc, on 4.6 attempts per game. Hendricks is good in the pick-and-roll, which could eventually make him and new Wizards guard Jordan Poole, a great pick-and-roll duo. Hendricks would massively bolster the wing defense for the Wizards. Hendricks would also help the Wizards become one of, if not the best three point shooting team in the NBA, especially at the forward position. 

  1. Utah Jazz: Anthony Black, G, Arkansas

The most intriguing thing about Anthony Black is his size at guard, as he is a 6 foot 7, 198 pound, point guard. Black’s frame allows him to guard positions 1 through 3. Black makes it hard for players to get into the paint, as he plays defense very physically. His physicality allows him to force a lot of turnovers, as he averaged 2.1 steals per game. Anthony Black is a great rebounder as a guard, as he averaged 5.1 rebounds per game. Black is a great ball handler, and facilitator of an offense, as he is a very smart basketball player, and usually makes the right decisions. Black’s rebounding and his excellent ball handling makes him a huge threat in transition. Black is a good finisher, as he can finish through hard contact. Anthony Black is not a great shooter, as he shot 30.1% from beyond the arc. Black is also not great at taking shots off the dribble. Black is a great cutter, and he moves well off the ball. Since Black is great off the ball, he will be a great fit for the Jazz, as he usually will not have the ball in his hands, as the ball will usually be with Jordan Clarkson or Lauri Markkanen. Black also gives the Jazz much needed help defensively on the perimeter. 

  1. Dallas Mavericks: Dereck Lively II, F/C, Duke 

Dereck Lively is one of the best defensive players in this draft. Lively is an outstanding rim protector, as he averaged 2.4 blocks per game. Lively is also a great rebounder, as he is great at boxing out. Even though Lively is a great rim protector, Lively often struggles when defending out on the perimeter. Lively is a great finisher in the paint, but he is not a great shooter, especially from beyond the arc. Lively works well offensively in the pick-and-roll, and his job will be pretty easy from the pick-and-roll, as Luka Dončić is an incredible guard in the pick-and-roll. Lively adds much needed rim protection and rebounding, to the Mavericks 

  1. Orlando Magic (via Chicago): Bilal Coulibaly, G/F, Metropolitans 92 

Bilal Coulibaly is one of the most raw prospects in the NBA draft, but he has the potential and athleticism to be a great NBA player in the future. Coulibaly is 6 foot 6, weighing 230 pounds, with a 7 foot 3 wingspan. Coulibaly thrives in guarding the ball handlers and wing players, as he has great speed and quickness. Coulibaly is great at finishing, and is a great cutter, but he is not a polished shooter. Coulibaly can easily get past defenders, with his great speed, which makes him good in transition. Coulibaly is a great defender already, but offensively he is extremely raw. Even though he is raw, Coulibaly is getting lottery hype, because of his insane potential, and amazing athleticism. 

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder: Kobe Bufkin, G, Michigan

Kobe Bufkin is an extremely smooth left-handed player. Bufkin has great quickness, and an amazing vertical. Bufkin is a great dunker and finisher, as his vertical allows him to get above the rim. Bufkin gets easy looks in the paint, as he is an amazing cutter. Bufkin excels in shooting off the dribble, especially shooting mid range shots. Bufkin is a good shooter from beyond the arc, but he is an inconsistent three point shooter. Bufkin is a good rebounder for being a guard, as he averaged 4.5 rebounds per game. Bufkin is great at blocking passing lanes, but he can sometimes struggle in on-ball defense. Bufkin possesses a high basketball IQ, which makes him a great playmaker. Bufkin helps the Thunder massively, as his great ability to play off the ball on offense, would help Josh Giddey and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. 

  1. Toronto Raptors: Cason Wallace, G, Kentucky 

With Fred VanVleet declining his player option, and most likely leaving the Raptors, the Raptors massively need a point guard. Cason Wallace would fill the Raptors need of a point guard. Wallace is a great ball handler, and an effective playmaker, which would make him a good point guard for the Raptors. Wallace is great working out of the pick-and-roll, as he is a very smart basketball player. Wallace can get past defenders, and make tough shots in the paint. Wallace is a good three point shooter, as he shot 34.4% from beyond the arc, on 4 attempts per game. Even though Wallace can sufficiently shoot the ball, he usually cannot create separation on his own, but his great ability to work out of the pick-and-roll makes him a good offensive player. Wallace is a good offensive player, but his defense is where he really stands out. Wallace will not back down from a challenge on defense, as he can guard positions 1-3. Wallace is great at forcing turnovers, as he averaged 2.0 steals per game. Wallace would massively fill the Raptors needs of a point guard. Wallace also bolsters the Raptors defense at the guard position. 

  1. New Orleans Pelicans: Jordan Hawkins, G/F, Connecticut

Jordan Hawkins is a reigning national champion, with the Connecticut (UConn) Huskies, who was a massive reason why the Huskies won the national championship. Hawkins is the best off the dribble shooter in the draft, as he can rise up above defenders and shoot contested shots. Hawkins is also a great shooter off the catch from beyond the arc. Hawkins shot 38.8% from 3 on 7.6 attempts per game. Hawkins struggles to get past defenders, but makes up for it with his incredible ability to shoot over defenders. Hawkins thrives in an off the ball role, as he is a great cutter. His cutting ability allows him to score in the paint, which makes up for his struggle of getting past defenders on the ball. Hawkins is not a great playmaker or rebounder, but he will not have to play-make or rebound much on the Pelicans. Hawkins is a solid defender, but sometimes he could get bodied by stronger defenders. Hawkins can keep up with ball handlers sufficiently on defense. Hawkins makes the three point shooting for the Pelicans much stronger. Hawkins would take a lot of offensive pressure off of Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, and CJ McCollum, as Hawkins is a great scorer and offensive player.