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Seattle Seahawks Offense:

After losing two straight games, one against the San Francisco 49ers and the other against the Atlanta Falcons, the Seahawks needed to bounce back against the Lions. Geno Smith did a great job pushing the ball up the field, against a weaker Lions secondary. Geno put up 320 yards, 2 touchdowns, while completing 23 out of his 30 passing attempts and averaging 10.7 yards per attempt. The pocket was very clean for Geno Smith for most of the game, as the Seahawks offensive line played very well. The connection between D.K. Metcalf and Geno Smith looked amazing, as Metcalf had no problem getting open, especially against man coverage, and Geno Smith was throwing very accurate passes to Metcalf, and Metcalf was breaking tackles and fighting for yardage after the catch. Metcalf finished the game with 149 yards on 7 receptions. Smith also had a great connection with Tyler Lockett against the Lions, with Lockett getting more of the short yardage targets, finishing the game with 91 yards on 6 receptions. The Seahawks not only had a great passing attack, but they also had a great run game. Rashaad Penny was great at breaking tackles and getting extra yards after contact, having 151 yards on 17 carries, with 2 touchdowns. As well as Penny being a beast in the run, Geno Smith added a new dimension to his game, other than passing, as he looked much more comfortable rushing the ball than he has all season, having 49 yards on 7 carries, with one touchdown.