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Detroit Pistons: 

Pick 5: Jaden Ivey, G, Purdue

Pick 13 (via CHA through NYK): Jalen Duren, C, Memphis 

Pick 36 (via POR): Gabriele Procida, G/F, Fortitudo Bologna

Before the draft, the Pistons proved that are in full rebuild mode, and they want to have a younger team, with a lot of cap space, as they traded away Jerami Grant, who is 28 and is making 21 million dollars, and pick 46, for pick 36, one future first round pick and two future second round picks. This trade allowed the Pistons to have 56 million dollars in cap space, to try to sign a star in free agency. Going into the draft, the Pistons needed a guard that could work well with 2021 first overall draft pick, Cade Cunningham. Jaden Ivey works well with Cade Cunningham, as he has great speed, which compliments Cade Cunningham’s great passing ability, and his ability to grab rebounds and go out into transition. After drafting Cade Cunningham, the Pistons traded a future first round pick(via MIL), for Jalen Duren and Kemba Walker. After trading away Jerami Grant, the Pistons had the cap space to take on Kemba Walker’s contract, if they got a good piece with Kemba. The Pistons ended up buying out Kemba Walker, but they still got Jalen Duren. Jalen Duren really helps the Pistons as Duren is great in transition and a great dunker, which could make him and Cade Cunningham or Jaden Ivey a good alley oop duo in the future. Duren is also a good shot blocker, which is something that Pistons lacked this season. The Pistons also received pick 36 from the Portland Trail Blazers, from the Jerami Grant trade. The Pistons used that pick to draft Gabriele Procida, who could bring the Pistons some much needed three point shooting off the bench.

New Orleans Pelicans:

Pick 8 (via LAL): Dyson Daniels, G, G League Ignite 

Pick 41: EJ Liddell, F, Ohio State

The Pelicans look like they are going in the right direction, and can even make a playoff push as close as next season. Going into the draft, the Pelicans needed a primary ball handler, as CJ McCollum thrives in a role of being a secondary ball handler. The Pelicans also needed depth at forward. The Pelicans drafted perfectly for their needs. Dyson Daniels is an amazing ball handler, at 6 foot 8 inches. Daniels is also a great passer, this could make him and Zion Williamson a great alley oop duo in the future. Zion Williamson could benefit from Daniels passing ability as Zion benefited when he had a great passer on his team in Lonzo Ball. At pick 41, the Pelicans also drafted for their needs as they drafted EJ Liddell, who brings more depth to the forward position for the Pelicans. The Pelicans were looking for a guy that could come off the bench and be a good defensive presence, and they did that as EJ Liddell is a good defender, especially as a rim protector. Liddell also brings the Pelicans a much needed three point shooting forward off the bench.

Houston Rockets:

Pick 3: Jabari Smith Jr., F/C, Auburn 

Pick 17 (via BKN): Tari Eason, F, LSU

Pick 29 (via MEM through MIN): TyTy Washington Jr.

Going into the draft, it was evident that the Houston Rockets were in the midst of a rebuild, and trying to get younger. The Rockets needed three point shooting and defense going into the draft. At pick 3 the Rockets took Jabari Smith Jr. Even though Smith is a bit of a project he does help the Rockets, by bringing a 6 foot 10 inch, knockdown three point shooter and mid range shooter, especially off the dribble. The Rockets then at pick 17 drafted Tari Eason. Tari Eason already has an NBA body, standing at 6 foot 8 inches, with a wingspan of 7 foot 2 inches and weighing 215 pounds. Eason is a very active defender, as he gets a lot of steals and blocks with his frame. He also gives the Rockets a good one on one defensive presence, which could take some of the defensive pressure off of Jae’Sean Tate. The Rockets desperately needed guard depth, and taking TyTy Washington Jr. gave them that depth they needed at guard. After buying out John Wall, TyTy Washington will be given a bigger role for the Rockets. The Rockets need a point guard that could facilitate the floor and be a game manger, TyTy Washington does both of those things greatly. He is very patient in the pick and roll and is usually looking for his open teammates. He also brings good defense at the guard position, which is what the Rockets lacked this season, as he can disrupt ball handlers and force steals.